Tens Unit Treatment

TENS is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator and is used by therapists for pain relief. It uses electrical signals that are transmitted into your body, and help your body learn to deal with pain. These small pads are connected with a small machine, that is placed on areas of the body that ache. TENS device sends these electric signals on a very continuous and stable pattern, so as to ensure that your body has to deal with less chronic pain.

Treat period, labor, joint, and neck pain

TENS unit is used by women of all ages all around the globe to help deal with period pain, labor pain, joint pain & even neck pain. It can be done by either of the two theories that we suggested before.

Treat sport injuries

Injuries from sports, including but not limited to rashes, and cuts hurt quite a lot. TENS unit can provide instant relief from such pain, and can also prove to be a helpful & effective solution in the long-term.

Rid of multiple sclerosis pain

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease, and since TENS unit deals especially with chronic pain, it has been found to be very helpful for patients suffering from this disease.


Arthritis is a joint inflammation injury that affects the joints, the tissues that surround the joint, and other connective tissues. It can get quite painful if not treated, but the treatment takes time. Patients are advised to take TENS units during their treatment – to help deal with pain.

Why you should use TENS device

There are many more benefits of TENS units – some not even recorded or reported. If you are dealing with pain, but find it to be overbearing, a TENS device may be the next best option for you.