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Cr Wave

Cr Wave

(2 customer reviews)

Thin, lightweight, and flexible design perfectly carry with you all day . Drug Free pain relief solution means no more pills! The Cr Wave with Bluetooth Control by App , can be downloaded for iOS and Android.Phone Control – Unlike traditional wired products, this CR Wave TENS EMS device can be controlled through a free Bluetooth App for effortless control while walking, working, reading, cooking, and even sleeping , Advanced App Functions – Timer (10-60 minutes), 25 intensity levels, 8 simulation modes (Circulation, Kneading, Acupuncture, Beating, Scraping, Cupping, Percussion and Acupressure), saved treatment records, and frequency/pulse adjustment


Cr Wave


2 reviews for Cr Wave

  1. Frances .D.

    It helped me at the Senior expo when I tried it, while I listened to the salesman, Jr Everardor first applied it. My lower back & sciatica were bothering me walking around in the big building. It felt much better afterwards!

  2. Ben .D.

    Cool Gadget work great with my Samsung 9 , love it after the gym .

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