CR 8


CR 8

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  • CR 8
  • Ten unit and Ems device
  • 8 different modes
  • Bio-Electric muscle stimulator
  • Small size unit fit your pocket and can be used anywhere!
  • Dual output
  • Rechargeable built-in Lithium Ion Battery
  • FDA cleared
  • CR8-Manual
  • Acupuncture Chart



CR 8

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C RELIEF units come with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. With the optional lifetime warranty, enjoy lifetime service and repair. We also replace your unit if needed. Other benefits include a 25% discount on all future online sales

7 reviews for CR 8

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    Nelly A

    I have had 7 spinal surgeries and suffer from chronic back pain. When it gets bad this wonderful little unit really helps me. It is so easy to use and small enough to put the control in a shirt or pants pocket. I have worn it while out of the house running errands and shopping. No one can even tell that it is there. It comes with me on trips and has proven to be a real help for me. The pads can be used many times and the replacements are inexpensive, I highly reccommend this product and bought one for for my youngest son and he loves it just like I do.

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    I Use it when my back pain is bad, it relieves the pain. It really works. Sometimes I wear it all day on low pulses

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    ADAM H

    I bought this unit for lower back muscle pain. I went to the chiropractor and he used a similar device on me and it worked fast to relieve the pain. I pulled the same muscle again and used this tens unit to relieve the pain and it worked just as good as the chiropractors. I have also tried it on my feet for pain from neuropathy, I am diabetic. It worked good, after only a few minutes I could feel the circulation in my feet a lot better, they were much warmer and without any pain. I put the pads on the ball and heel of my feet for awhile and then I rook the heel pad off and put it on the back of my calf muscle and it made the lower leg and my feet feel a lot better. I have since bought the foot massage slippers and the belt that can be used with this unit. When they come I will try them and hope they work just as good as the pads. I would recommend this unit to everyone

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    Steven R

    Product arrived packed well & on time. I have had several of different brands of Tens units. This one seems to be the most versatile and effective one I have ever used. I have put it through steady use and it never blinks. It has more than enough power. The pads are very good but be sure to order spare ones as they will be needed eventually. I couldn’t be more pleased with this unit. I use mostly for lower back pain and it helps.

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    I use the TENS unit on my chronic bladder and back pain. The quality seems to be a good as the one my Physical Therapist used on me. It is very convenient to have one of these at home to use whenever I need it.

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    Olivia A

    I am very pleased with this product it works as great as my old much more expensive one. I am planning on ordering another for my son.

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    Sebastian r

    This a wonderful product that I would recommend for anyone experiencing constant pain in their neck, back or shoulders. I wear it while working, (cleaning house etc) and I set it for 20 minutes when I get into bed before I fall asleep at night and I do not struggle with the constant neck and back pain. I fall to sleep and after 20 minutes it shuts itself off. You cannot beat the value and the shipping speed is unbelievable. I thought a week at least. After 3 days it was here. Mostly it a product for a good price that offers real relief for the pain I have been battling daily with . Thank you so much,5 Stars all the way

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