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CR-1360 is a touchscreen cell phone size Tens/ems unit with 24 modes. Large touch screen, clear LCD indicator makes it easier for visually impaired to set and operate, this LCD will be utilized to display stimulating mode/intensity level and timer. A&B independent outputs two output to do the message on more treatment points at the same time. 24 modes with 20 respective intensity levels offering a versatile choice for long-time users automatic timer automatically switches the unit off after the set time when activated.



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12 reviews for CR 1360 ELITE SET

  1. Ava

    Very fast response. Excellent unit. Use it almost daily. Plenty of power, if that is important. Smartest move I’ve made.

  2. Michael

    This is a great product. Easy to use and gives relief from back and knee pain. I had a much more expensive product several years ago that didn’t work nearly as well. I liked it so much I purchased another one for my daughter.

  3. Mia

    For anyone who is familiar with tens units and how to use them correctly and appropriately, this is an outstanding product…highly recommended

    • Crelief

      Thank You Mia

  4. Anna

    I can’t believe how well this unit works. I was not expecting much with price & size. Surprisingly, it works great! I recommend ordering extra pads because everyone will need to try it out (this happened in my scenario)! Very satisfied & I highly recommend.

    • Crelief

      Thank You Anna

  5. hadas

    I love it , Thank You
    This product take my back pain away ,
    I love it so much

    • Crelief

      Thank You Hadas , we are appreciate your feedback

  6. Tayson A

    I purchased this for my wife who has many back problems from sitting at a desk all day and all the other physical duties she takes care of. I was hopeful, but skeptical that this could be used more than once and put away. My wife has used this and loaned it out to friends over and over. For her, this has been a blessing. Thanks

  7. Gloria

    I purchased this pulse massager for my husband who recently underwent serious back surgery. He can’t handle back massages and suffers from spasms. This product really relieved his problem areas without putting any strain and pressure on certain areas. Great product, and I recommend it to anyone!

    • Crelief

      Thank You Gloria

  8. Abigail

    My husband needed to replace his expensive old machine and was very pleased with this unit.

    • Crelief

      Thank You Abigail

  9. Isabella S

    This is a well build device that works dependably as it should. Good workmanship. Good value

  10. Emma O

    This little gem saved my functioning life. I am a D.A.V. and fight every day for functionality. This machine has helped me cut down my Chiropractic bills immensely. Thank you!!!

  11. Stephen .R.

    This unit was recommended by my husband’s chiropractor for at home use. Works well with good results.

  12. Leo B

    After about 10 min with pads on lower back my back doesnt hurt for awhile so i can sleep. My job is very physical carrying 5 gal pails with wet concrete or dirt and digging Wish i had gotten one sooner going try it on shoulder area soon

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