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(8 customer reviews)
  • CR-12
  • FDA 510K cleared
  • Portable pain relief / muscle performance
  • Pocket size device
  • 12 differents modes
  • 2 independent channels
  • 2 devices in one
  • large LCD display & LED backlight
  • Adjustable timer
  • Battery life indicator, built in lithium battery.
  • CR 12 manual
  • Acupuncture chart



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C RELIEF units come with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. With the optional lifetime warranty, enjoy lifetime service and repair. We also replace your unit if needed. Other benefits include a 25% discount on all future online sales.

CR 12 manual

8 reviews for CR-12

  1. Brittney Henderson

    I did not expect this to work. I’ve had chronic shoulder, upper back, and neck pain which has worsened over time. Prednisone is the only drug that works well, and it has really bad side affects on the long term, so my doc wouldn’t prescribe it. I tried Celebrex but that didn’t work me either. I’ve been taking ibuprofen for years and it no longer works.

    I bought this tens unit based on the my friend review, but ready for it to be a complete bust. But it works! I love the deep tissue massage I get and the pain relief that follows. I use the pads on the front, back, and top of my shoulders. I’ve been experimenting with arranging the four pads or two, depending on how I’m feeling. I was a little nervous about using it on the back of my neck, and it turned out it worked really well.

    Right now I’m using the unit daily, in the morning, then in the evening. I’m back to practicing my violin for a few hours a day, and I can work with the unit connected to me. It’s also helping my RSI in my wrists and for arms. I put different locations on different intensities and depending on how I’m feeling.

    I highly recommend this unit. It’s easy to use, works great, and I’m thrilled and surprised at how well it works.

    • Crelief

      Thank You Brittney

  2. Sean

    I got this for my mom who has terrible back and neck pain. For several years she has had an extremely hard time doing chores around the house. Since she has this Tens unit she now has a better quality of life. She is no longer in constant pain and she can do so much more than before. She is so happy with her gift. The only issue I have now is finding future gits that she will love this much. I highly recommend this Tens unit.

    • Crelief

      Thank YOU Sean.

  3. Kenny

    I dropped the device couple of time and the screen broke , crelief replace me the device without ask me alot of question, they just ask for the receipt, Cool Guys , really recommend , amazing costumer services

    • Crelief

      Thank you Kenny , we here whenever you need us

  4. Rachel

    I had an old tens unit but felt I needed to upgrade mine as I was starting to have some serious back issues and it wasn’t working properly. Well, I bought this item and it is AWESOME. Works great, easy to use and understand and a great bargain. Even comes with replacement cords. It was just what I needed and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to anyone looking for a quality product. Really helps with the pain and I am so glad I purchased it.

    • Crelief

      Thank You Rachel:)

  5. simon

    Bought for my Torn Meniscus.. Could not be happier. This little device gives the same, if not better, feeling as the professional machine that I use at Physical Therapy… I would recommend to anyone….
    I have also used on my elbow, for pain from tennis elbow. This was something that bothered me everyday… Now I only use once a week, and pain is very limited.

    • Crelief

      Thank You Simon

  6. Jhonni

    Anyone who has had some type of physical therapy or some other type of therapy need muscle stimulation would appreciate this device. for a quick relief this is a great device.

    • Crelief

      Thank You Jhonni

  7. Amelia

    This unit gets the job done! If you are sore when your back is acting up it’s perfect. I use it mostly on my lower back because that’s where my problem usually is. I have used this on my shoulders as well when they are in a knot. It really is amazing how powerful this handy little at home unit is. The intensity adjusts very easily. The unit itself is very easy to use. I highly recommend this unit!

  8. kevin

    The unit works great. i think the pads could be larger, otherwise i love the unit. Saves me having to go to physical therapy to receive the same treatment

    • Crelief

      Thank You, Kevin , we are creating new pads and more accessories to help,we appreciate your feedback

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